Using the Image Library to add Brand Logos

Being able to easily incorporate images, and control the look and feel design elements of your surveys has always been important to SMP.

This  is most apparent when you wish to test new products, pack designs, concepts or advertising.

The SMP Image Library makes uploading images to the system and incorporating it into your survey a breeze.

The example in the video shows how to incorporate brand logos quickly and easily into your survey as the answers to a particular question.  In a following video on the theme library we show you how to format your surveys to look exactly how you want.

The secret to using images in your surveys easily is the SMP Image Library which is accessible whilst editing and building your survey.  Built around a tree structure like Windows Explorer, you can quickly upload your jpeg files from your computer to the SMP system one at a time, or for maximum efficiency, all at once in a zipped file.  Once uploaded, they are then available to be used in many different ways in your survey.

You can also choose from many different pre-designed themes for your survey or you can fully program your own in the theme editor.

You can also add headers and footers in a number of ways to achieve really classy looking surveys – (see the Adding Headers and Footers video lesson).