Fully On Demand SAAS system

SMP is a fully “on demand” or SAAS (Software as a Service) system. 

That means that the program itself sits in the internet cloud and is accessed via an internet browser.

SMP is housed in an Amazon cloud environment employing multiple sites with load balancing and sharing.  What that means to you is that your software is always available, fast – regardless of the number of users, and fully backed up and secure.

The benefits of this type of environment to you are many and include –

  • Any time you have access to the internet you can be working on your surveys, from anywhere in your office to anywhere in the world.
  • Software updates and upgrades are automatic and do not require any input from your side.
  • SMP is rapidly scalability – in fact this happens automatically with SMP to ensure you always have a fast system.
  • Collaboration across your business is much enhanced – share your surveys with the any other world office.