Grouped Account Management

Grouped Account Management

The grouped account management feature allows users to set up user groups and link the accounts.  This way resources that have been set up by the group are available to all members of it.

All surveys that have been set up and in any status can be managed by the group, all the libraries – image library, question library, theme library and the list library, and all panels are available to the members of the group.

There are three different levels of group members with different permissions:

  1. Group Manager – create and delete members of the group and edit all content,
  2. Editor – edit all content, and,
  3. Viewer – read all content but not edit.

A group must have at least one Group Manager.

Note:  All members of the group must be of the Pro Account status.  This is the case because otherwise it would be possible to create surveys with features that other members would not be able to access that would cause conflicts in the system.

Discounts can be arranged for multi member groups.  Please contact John Hughes with any enquiries regarding these discounts.