Method 4:  Uploading Entire Answer Frames (sets of answers)

One of the fastest methods of uploading the entire list of possible answers is to cut the entire list of answers from the original Word document and paste them into the “Add Answer Frame” text box.  SMP allows you to do this straight from Word, there is no need to create a text file or click on an “html” button.

To access the “Add Answer Frame” text box click of the “Add Answer Frame” icon circled below.



Clicking on this icon causes a pop-up box to appear.  Copy the answers from the original Word document by highlighted the desired text with the mouse and pressing Control C, or right clicking the mouse and choosing copy.  Then position your cursor in this popup box with the mouse and press Control V or right click and choose “Paste” to insert all the answers.


Close the pop-up by pressing “OK” circled above.  The answers will appear in the normal text boxes, one answer to each box as though you had entered all of them individually – shown below.