Data Extraction

You can download your data at any time using SMP Online Survey Software.  It is simple and fast to do and offers three formats to choose from.

CSV is one data format available which is easy to import into any package and very easy to view in MS Excel.  There are two options of CSV data – either values or label.  The values set downloads answers as the value that was assigned the answer.  So if the answer to “What is your gender?” is male and it is the first answer in the list then the value 1 will be recorded in the dataset.  If you dowmload the label format data set then the answer would be populated as the text of the answer in this case “male”.

SPSS is also fully supported.  It is a fully formatted .sav file using the parameters of the survey you designed in SMP to populate the metadata descriptions in the file.

You can re-design your survey without losing your historical data at any time although the new data set is set to zero records and the previous data set is archived – and is easy to download at a latter time.  This ensures that if the data structure of your survey changes the system will use the latest structure to collect the data.

The following screen shots show how easy extracting your data is.

Surveys that are in deployed mode have the following icon options on the menu.


Clicking on Data Extract causes the following popup to appear.  You can choose to download the latest dataset or any of the archived sets shown below.  Simply click on the Download button and a zip file containing your data in three different formats will be downloaded using the browser options that you have setup for downloads.

Extracting data from SMP Online survey software