Test Bot for fast data checking

by Mar 31, 2021Tips and Tricks0 comments


Testing before survey launch with Test Bot

We often create surveys quickly with multiple pathways. Testing these manually can miss some of the pathways so SMP has Test Bot. In Test Mode click Test Bot under the Description menu. You can put in an ID (for example Neil 100) and the number of tests. 100 is always a good number. 

SMP will generate randomly allocated answers for all survey questions and cycle through the questionnaire just like a respondent. The data can be quickly imported into your statistics program and set up to make sure than the questions are being completed in the correct sequency by simply adding Filters in your stats program. It’s a quick and simple way of making sure your questionnaire is working correctly before fieldwork. 

One note: make sure you do a manual test as well. Test Bot fills the data but only you can make sure that the questions appear the way you want.