March 2019 Monthly Software Update News

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Dynamic Grid question type gets an upgrade.

Dynamic Grid is the perfect question type for replacing those ubiquitous matrix/grid question types that tend to over-dominate the online survey world.

In March a number of new features were added.

These included:

  • Transitions between the stimuli,
  • Answer box colour,
  • Hover colour,
  • Selection colour, and,
  • Back button toggle on and off.

These formatting features allow for far more attractive Dynamic Grid questions that can match the style of your survey.  Below is just one example.

And of course, all the features are fully rendered on Mobile devices.

Loop method gets added survey functionality.


Support for ‘Goto – ( formally Freejump)’, Textbox input, and ‘Pipe’ control types have been included in the in ‘Loop and Group’ feature.  Now when you want to loop through the same questions for a list of elements such as new brands or product components, you can leap out of the loop if the respondent’s answers dictate that you want this to occur.

This also allows the user to build while loops, a powerful programming feature, into your surveys.

Mobile Matrix question type re-formatting undated.

The matrix question type or grid re-formats on a Mobile phone into several questions one for each row.  During March the formatting and UX of this operation were restyled to make it a far more pleasing experience for the respondent. This is an important feature of SMP making sure that large cumbersome grids are properly formatted for the limited screen real estate.