At last, I’m in control.

SMP is an affordable ‘enterprise level‘ survey system that sits on your servers.  It gives you complete control over your entire online and face to face requirements.


With a broad range of simple and innovative question types, crafting the right question is easy.

Because we have designed SMP with market research in mind all our question types come with a high number of easily configured options such as randomization, text formatting, masking, embedding,  looks and styles, images, columns, and much more.

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question types


Controlling your respondent and collecting good data is easy with SMP’s sophisticated visual routing tools.

Designed by research propeller-heads with the aim of making powerful skip rules, quotas, pipeing, re-directs, loops and groups, recoding and computes easy.


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A great survey looks great. ‘SMP’s Theme Controls’, empowers you to design beautiful surveys.

Your survey is a reflection of you and your company.  With the SMP Theme Editor, Themes Library, and header and footer controls, SMP lets you create almost any look and feel.  


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Inviting respondents to take your survey is easy in SMP.  There are any number of easy to manage ways.

In SMP you can upload a panel and invite respondents with our invitation system, find paid sample automatically with CINT, or send your survey link to one of the many sample houses for completion. The process is simple with SMP Survey Software.


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Follow and track your survey as it gets answered.  Even change the required sample size and structure as the survey fills.

The survey Monitor provides you with immediate feedback on its progress, the number of completions, drops and screen outs, the number of people currently answering and the quotas you have set up. Change the quotas if needed while the survey is live.

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two clicks 2

Extracting your data is easily done in just two simple mouse clicks – at any time during the survey.

Getting your final data should be easy.  SMP does it in two mouse clicks – one to create the data set and the second to download it.  In an easy to use csv format for importing into anything including MS Excel or in SPSS format for more sophisticated analysis.

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See your results quickly with SMP’s simple reporting tools.

Designed to provide quick feedback the Topline feature lets you see all the questions and the way people answered them quickly.  Or to create charts and tables that can easily be cut and paste into reports use the Report tool.

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Not yet convinced.  Send me your questions and I will try and change your mind.