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System Overview

SMP’s powerful menu driven system allows you to build simple or complex surveys quickly, set quotas, add panelists, send invitations, track responses and extract your data at any time – giving you complete control over the survey process.

The Control Dashboard

The SMP system allows you to create and manage every aspect of your online survey. The heart of the system is the Main Control Panel or Dashboard. Here you create and test surveys – upload and manage images, question libraries, survey themes and answer lists – upload respondent panels and send invitations – and manage your account details and monitor usage.


The Survey Editor

The survey editor is where you create, build and edit your surveys. Add questions and controls, re-order your survey, place quotas where you wish them to be applied, control the flow hierarchically creating and placing skips and gates where they are to be applied, and much much more.


Create Sophisticated Surveys with a broad range of question types and controls.

The range of question types is broad, from the common to the sophisticated. Each question type comes with many options that allows for the creation of many other sorts of question types. The controls available are more like a programming language than a survey system. You can place and populate many types of control devices like gates (if..else..goto), freejump (goto), quota, compute, recode, loop and many more.