SMP’s heirarchical structure for building surveys makes the job of creating surveys simple and fast.  In order to edit a survey it must first have been created. Please see the previous chapter BEGIN_102 for how to create a new survey.From the main menu hover over a survey in the survey list that is in Design mode and click on “Edit survey” icon.


This will open the Survey Editor.




There are three panes in the survey editor.

The left most pane or column is were you will add, delete or change the order of your questions.

The center pane will build the question in front of you as you enter the details.

The parameters pane, the right most pane is where you enter the details that will build your question.

Lets say we wish to add the following question to our survey.


To begin adding the question press the + icon in the left pane (shown circled below).




A popup will appear asking you to nominate what type of question that it is.  Select the “Single Select” from the list and press the circled x to close the popup.


In the right hand pane fill in the details that will build your question.


Question Name: Give your question a name by typing it into the “Question Name” text box.  Note: You could accept the system default if you wish.  The  system will use this name to label the columns (name the fields) in the outputted data set – such as the first row of an excel table.

Question Label:  Enter a question label – this label will be used by analysis programs like SPSS to further identify your question in the data set.

Question Group:Leave the “Question Group” field blank for now.  This is a special feature that allows you to group questions and randomize the order in which they are asked or ask them many times using a loop.  To learn more about this go to group and loop.

Question Text:  Add the question text (the actual question).  By clicking on the question text rich text icon button a pop up rich text editor will appear.  Type in the question (or use cut and paste) text into the text box then close it.

Add some answers:  There are four ways of doing this – for now click on the add text answer icon .  An answer text box will appear – type in your answer then add some more answers.


Finally add in the skip instruction to screen out those who have answered “no” to this question from doing any more of the survey.

Click on the icon circled below.


Drop downs will appear next to each answer.  Select the what you wish to happen if the respondent selects that answer.



Select “screen out” for the no answer.  Any respondent now saying no to this answer will be acreened out of the survey automatically.

Your question will now look like this in the middle of the screen (depending on the theme you have chosen).


Note:  The “Skip to screen out” will not be visible to the respondent.

You have now built a question in SMP.  You continue to add questions in the same manner untill you have added them all.

When you have finished entering your survey click on the “Close survey” link in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Note:  To read the user manual click on the “Help” link.  To get email support click on the “Support” link.

author – John Hughes –

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