BEGIN 102 – Creating surveys.    



Once you have logged into the system you arrive at the main menu.  Your surveys are listed in the wide frame to the right and the menu options that control the system are listed on the left.


To create a new survey click on the “Create Survey” icon


The following popup will appear.


You need to fill in the first 6 text boxes to create the survey.  Once this is done click on the OK button to move to the survey editor to begin adding survey questions and instructions.

Note:  You can come back to this pop up at any time while editing the survey to change or add more details.  To do this click on the “Survey Detail” icon at the top of the survey editor screen.


To exit from the survey editor click on the “Close survey” link in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Note:  To read the user manual click on the “Help” link.  To get email support click on the “Support” link.

author – John Hughes –

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