The Learning Center

Welcome to the SMP Learning Center. Here you will find instructions describing how to use SMP – from the very beginner modules to the more advanced features.  There are four sections:





Quick Start Guide

A quick introduction to using the system designed to get you up and going quickly.


The User Manual

A comprehensive explanation of the methods and techniques in the SMP system.



A selection of tutorials on the key topics that will get you going at a fast pace.




Getting Started

The elements of creating and scripting surveys.

BEGIN_101_Understanding SMP main menu

BEGIN_102_Creating surveys

BEGIN_103_Enter survey questions

BEGIN_104_The four stages to survey deployment


Writing surveys faster in SMP

Cut and paste methods to enter your survey detail quickly from Word or other editors.

CUT AND PASTE_101 – Using cut and paste methods speeds survey creation tremendously.

CUT AND PASTE_102 – Cut and paste every answer at once.



Pipe and Piping

Creating new answer frames based on responses to previous questions.

PIPING 101 – Using the simple piping feature to pipe answers to another question.

PIPING 102 – Using the “PIPE” question type to achieve some sophisticated piping outcomes.

Piping from a grid


Skips and Gates

Controlling Respondent Flow

Using Simple Skips

Using Gates


Other Tips and Tricks

Other essentials that you may find useful.

Using a POP_up

Using SMP and your Panel Provider